Special offer for NAVITEL® map packages

1 June 2018

In the anticipation of international sports events NAVITEL® is announcing a special offer for navigation map packs that include Russia.

From June 1 through July 15, NAVITEL® is cutting the prices for map packages with Russia up to 50%. NAVITEL® navigation maps include a detailed address database, information on road junctions, points of interest as well as offer help when choosing the best lane for a safe manoeuvre on the road. During the main sporting event of this summer our users can treat themselves not only with friendly navigation, but also prices!

Key athletic sights now can be easily found on the map – stadiums and arenas hosting the main sports event of the year are designed in 3D graphics. Navitel Navigator programme suggests 3 alternative routes so that the user can pick the best variant for themselves. Booking.com service is also integrated into NAVITEL® navigating maps, so you can easily book a hotel on your way to the next football game.

The discounts apply to the following NAVITEL® map packages:

For mobile devices on OS Android, for iPhone and iPad

Map package Retail price (Electronic key)
Europe, Russia 18 €
Eastern Europe, Russia 16 €
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan 16 €
Russia 14 €
District 7 €

For navigators on Windows CE

Map package Retail price (Electronic key)
Europe, Russia 21 €
Eastern Europe, Russia 20 €
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan 20 €
Russia 17 €

Buy licensed electronic keys for map packages with Russia till July 15, 2018 on NAVITEL® website in APPS section or in Navitel Navigator app menu (Menu > My Navitel > Buy maps).

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