The function is available only for "Navitel Navigator" and later versions.
The program installation package contains a file, providing information on speed cameras.

Updating speed camera information

Automatic updating of speed camera information

Updating speed camera information from NAVITEL® website

Editing speed camera information

  1. Open the text file containing the information on speed cameras ("SpeedCam.txt") with any text editor.
  2. The file contains the following information:
Designation Description
Х Longitude (E/W), coordinate
Y Latitude (N/S), coordinate
TYPE Type of camera:
1 — static camera
2 — traffic lights camera
3 — red light camera
4 — speed camera
5 — mobile camera (ambush)
100 — pedestrian crossing
101 — speed limit
102 — speed bump
103 — poor road
104 — dangerous corner
105 — dangerous crossroads
106 — another danger
SPEED speed limit
DirType Speed camera direction:
0 — all directions (360°)
1 — definite direction (see "Direction")
2 — two directions ("Direction" + backwards).
Direction Viewing angle (between 0° and 359°: 0° — North, 90° — East, 180° — South, 270° — West)


IDX, X, Y, TYPE, SPEED, DirType, Direction


  • Names of fields may be lowercase or uppercase.
  • The last two fields may be left empty. In this case the information will be treated as if cameras monitor all directions.
  • "Camera in the North" message means that you are driving northwards and the speed camera monitors the opposite direction, e.g. is oriented southwards.
  • Coordinates must be in ddd.ddddd format, the format may be changed in "Menu" → "Settings" → "Regional settings" → "Coordinates" .