NAVITEL® provides access to API interface of the Navitel Navigator application

2 May 2017

NAVITEL® announces open access to API of the Navitel Navigator software for application developers


Now developers of third-party applications on the Android OS will be able to use the capabilities of Navitel Navigator in their products, including for commercial use. The API works on the licensed version of the Navitel Navigator application for Android OS.

By integrating the API into native software, application developers can use Navitel Navigator to view the specified location on the map and to build a route.

Open access to the API of Navitel Navigator will allow developers to simplify and automate interaction with a popular navigation application.

In the current version Navitel Navigator can handle the following requests from external applications:

  • Show the point on the map according to the given coordinates and in the specified scale.
  • Build a route to a point with the specified coordinates.
  • Get directions to the waypoint in the Navitel Navigator application.

"Before opening the API, we analyzed the needs of transport market participants. Companies need a solution that will ensure easy integration of additional features into their software. The open API will quickly expand the functionality and create a product that is more interesting from the consumer's point of view" - Director of information technology of NAVITEL®, Alexander Litvinov says.

Detailed instructions for integrating the API and examples of use are available on the NAVITEL® website.

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