Navitel Navigator. Russia

For Android
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Navitel Navigator features


Real-time information on traffic jams for a map coverage area.


Message exchange with friends, tracking their location and routing toward them.


Navitel.Weather service shows weather forecast for 3 days for any place in the Earth.

Dynamic POI

Fuel prices, cinema showtimes and other useful information.


Road accidents, road works, speed cameras and other information added to a map by users. 


Three dimension maps showing structure and height of buildings.

Road lanes

Calculation of a route taking into account multilane roads and visual prompts while moving along the route.

Multilanguage system

Support of the interface and voice prompts in several languages.

Voice prompts

Voice guide while moving along a route, warning on battery charge and connection to satellites.

Onboard computer

More than100 various sensors: time, speed, weather conditions and other parameters.

Adjustable interface

Adjustable programme interface and map display modes.


Navigation system Navitel Navigator 9.10.1996 or later

Android: 4.x or higher

  • Supported interface: touch screen.
  • RAM: not less than 50 MB.
  • Free space for program installation depends on technical characteristics of the device.
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