Activation of Navitel Navigator

Activation of the trial period

The possibility to activate the trial period of the program is available for the users of Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, and for BlackBerry users. The trial period allows you to enjoy the program and the maps for 7 days for free. Nevertheless, you are not able to use the Navitel.Friends and Navitel.Cloud services during the trial period.

Please note that it is only available for those devices that have not had the trial period activated before. If the program license key has already been activated, the trial period for a particular map cannot be activated afterwards. To learn how to activate the trial period of the program on your device, please follow the steps described below.

The Internet connection is required.

  1. Run Navitel Navigator on your device.
  2. Tap Start Trial.

  3. Install maps (see instruction for map installation).
Restoration of purchases

If you have made a purchase via the store of the OS of your device, you can restore it on another device of the same OS by using the same store account.

The possibility to restore the lost purchases is available only for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows phone 8.x.-based devices and for purchases made from Google Play not earlier than 16.09.2014, and for the Navitel Navigator version not younger than

The Internet connection is required.

  1. Run Navitel Navigator.
  2. Tap Premium.

  3. Select Restore purchases. The system will request you to enter the password of your Apple/Google/Microsoft profile. Restoration of purchase made with an account of a service different than those is not possible yet.

  4. Install maps (see instruction for installation of map).
Activation of a license key from the program menu

This method should be used if you already have a license key. If you do not have a license key, see the instruction on how to get it.

Please also note that this method of license key activation is not applicable on iPhone/iPad.

If you are about to activate the license key of the program on your iPhone/iPad for the first time, it is best for you to do it via the in-app purchase (see instruction).
If you have activated the program license key on your iPhone/iPad before, please restore the product by following the instruction given on this page to continue using the program.

Devices with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS

Windows CE devices

Activation of a license key at the website

This method of license key activation should be used in case there is no access to the Internet from the device, on which you want to install the application.

Devices with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS

Windows CE devices